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‘Eat for the Body You Want, Not Just for the Body You Have’

Eating a well-balanced diet can help you get the calories and nutrients you need to fuel your daily activities, as well as your regular exercise.

However, it’s not as simple as choosing vegetables over doughnuts; proper fitness nutrition begins with understanding what you need to eat when to eat, and how to maintain your eating habits.

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All of us hear several suggestions from people about diet and workout plans, however deciding what suits you the best and what your body actually requires without taking professional guidance may not show the desired results. Diet, nutrition, and workout go hand-in-hand for fitness training. Hence at Studio Velocity, the best gym in Baner, we offer you personalized diet and nutrition guidance by certified dietitians and nutritionists considering your workout plan and your fitness goal.

This personalized and detailed plan is made with the following process:

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Understanding Your Eating Habits

To avoid extreme changes in your routine, our dietitians at Studio Velocity begin with understanding your current eating habits so that they can add or deduct items that can suit your workout plan. Calorie calculation is primarily important while losing weight or gaining weight. Having the right muscle mass with fewer fats is the ultimate goal of a fit physique. Hence our certified nutritionists/dietitians calculate your daily calorie intake to arrive at the right personalized diet plan accordingly.

‘You Cannot Exercise Your Way Out of a Bad Diet’

Healthy eating is all about balance your diet, you can enjoy your favorite foods, even if they are high in calories, fat, or added sugars. The key is eating them only once in a while and balancing them with healthier foods and more physical activity. Or workouts. We at Studio Velocity guide you in every possible way to consume the best-quality foods you can afford, supplemented with protein and consuming lots of water. As you get plenty of sleep and fresh air, accompanied with regular exercise at Studio Velocity, you’ll see your body transform into your desired fitness level.


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