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‘Your Body Can Stand Almost Anything, It’s Your Mind that You have to Convince’

Functional training may seem to have recently gained popularity in the fitness community, but it’s one of the oldest and most common types of training. Functional training began in the physical rehabilitation field and was created to improve patient recovery after injury or disability to help patients regain function and return to activities of daily living.  Over the period of time, functional training has been taken up by fitness professionals and transformed into predominantly weight-bearing exercises that simulate everyday movements.

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Studio Velocity, the best gym in Baner, has a variety of Functional training equipment that prepares you for real-life, day-to-day activities like bending, twisting, lifting, loading, pushing, pulling, squatting, etc. Our functional fitness training consists of multi-joint movement patterns that involve your knees, hips, spine, elbows, wrists, and shoulders, which all build strength, endurance and improve your range of motion.


Increased Balance and Stability

There are various activities in day-to-day life that can throw off your balance or stability. Our professional trainers would always educate you’ll in this aspect where ‘a truly fit lifestyle is not about how physically fit we look, it’s about how physically fit we live’. Therefore, our trainers will make sure that you understand the importance of each exercise while performing it.

Take Care of Your Body, It’s The Only Place You Have to Live

Out of all the fitness routines and exercises, functional training is one of the most practical and beneficial workouts. Functional training is training for life, hence our program includes everything that helps you reach optimal performance and lets you live a fit life.

While making the training fun and effective, we truly believe that a good functional training workout program for beginners can achieve great results! Our aim at Studio Velocity is to give you incredible, valuable, time-tested moves to improve your movement patterns, body awareness, and total-body power. Hence having yourself registered in our functional training program will get you fit faster.


Join the Functional Training program that includes weight exercises, as well as mixed functional movements to develop stamina and endurance.