How to Find the Right Gym?

A short guide with a few factors and aspects to consider in finding the right gym for yourself to help achieve your fitness goals.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or just stay physically fit, joining a gym could be an important step in achieving any of the above. It is also a big investment, so you would want to make sure you choose the right gym for yourself in all aspects. Here are some of the important aspects and factors to consider and look for before joining a gym:

Location and Hours:

Location plays a vital role in staying committed to making it to the gym. Make sure to find one which is close both to your house or your workplace depending upon your schedule. Timings may vary for every gym, some are closed on Sundays, while some are open late nights as well so you can plan your workout sessions accordingly.


The workout scenario in India has changed drastically over the years. Initially, a gym was a place where you could do only weight training, but with more people taking their health and fitness seriously the amenities that the gyms provide have also upgraded over time. Have a look at what amenities a gym is offering such as changing rooms, showers, steam rooms, jacuzzi, spa, etc. Don’t forget, it all comes with a price tag hence find a gym that suits your requirements and budget.


Gym Equipment is one of the most important factors to consider before joining a gym. Knowing what types of equipment does a gym offer, whether or not it has a good mix of different training machines, and lastly which brand is being used needs to be taken into consideration while you’re been taken on a gym tour before joining. Broken or machines kept in a bad condition are a bad sign. An ideal gym would have a good mix of strength training machines, cardio machines, functional training machines as well as sufficient fitness accessories.

Maintenance and Cleanliness:

The outbreak of coronavirus has made us well and cautious about the importance of hygiene and sanitization. A gym is one of the places where the risk of catching germs, infections, or viruses is relatively higher. Distributing the members into smaller groups session-wise, using the locker room without crowding it thus helping to maintain social distancing, disinfecting the equipment constantly, or having sanitizers near every piece of equipment can be a safe environment to work out in. Hence it’s better to ask the staff and make sure that these factors are taken into consideration in the gym.

Staff and Trainers:

Finding a gym with good staff and professional trainers is very important as they help you not only with your training but also keep you out of injuries. Quite often people try to imitate others in the gym and end up injuring themselves and some of them can be lifelong. A gym with helpful staff and certified trainers can lead to guided workout sessions according to your body type and fitness goals. Furthermore, some of the gyms offer consultations with certified dietitians and nutrition to help you progress better by making a diet plan.

Classes and Personal Training:

For a lot of people working out in a gym can become monotonous, thus hindering them from giving their 100% while working out. Special classes like Zumba, dance fitness, kickboxing, etc. are extremely helpful and suitable in such situations. Not only does it make fitness easy but also accessible to many.

Another aspect that can help you is- personal training, and a gym trainer can become your go-to person for everything during your fitness journey. A personal trainer constantly keeps you motivated and helps you avoid injuries by always keeping your form in check. Be it short-term or long-term goals they help you achieve them most efficiently.

Don’t forget to enquire about both classes and personal training so that you’re well aware of the place you’re joining.

Price and Vibe:

Consider the monthly cost of membership, and make sure to enquire all of the above so that you’re sure the membership amount is worth it.

Every place has its own vibe, the staff, the existing members, the music being played, and the overall ambiance.

While taking a tour around, how does the gym make you feel- welcomed or weary? Are people/staff friendly and professional or awkward? Some gyms are more high-energy, while others are subtle and the vibe can often vary throughout the day. It’s up to you to decide where you feel more comfortable and choose a place accordingly.

We hope the above guide has been helpful to understand the important aspect of finding the right gym for yourself. Make sure to consider these so that you’re assured and satisfied before investing in a place for transforming your body as per your fitness goals.

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